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Babylon Skirt

A deconstruction high-waist skirt with nylon net details, the BabylonSkirt is a catchy piece to complete a bold and expressive look. Works great with both dress shirts and deconstruction tops.


Additional Information

+Care & Maintenance
Dry clean. Warm iron if needed.
+Shipping Information
5-6 days.
  • GUZUNDSTRAUS is a young avant-garde brand founded in 2012. We love deconstruction cut, artsy prints, perfect fit and impeccable workmanship. Utilising the best traditions of fashion craftsmanship, we constantly question all the conventional practices, as prescribed by our artistic background.

    GUZUNDSTRAUS aesthetics takes influence and inspiration from contemporary art and urban philosophy. Our best-loved concepts are: reversible clothing; sculptural shapes; fabric prints developed out of own artworks. Are you a lover of unique pieces and an appreciator of bespoke quality? We’ve got something for you


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