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Nobody Clothing

AKE cotton

The Ake is a beautifully subtle and minimalistic oversized longline tank available at The Clothing Lounge in linen or cotton. Featuring a crew neckline, a sweaping rear center seam and raw cut hems, the Ake is an exceptionally versatile and effortlessly stylish piece.

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Unisex sizes.
  • Nobody clothing - for those who do not care to belong. Nobody silently challenges the stereotypes and conventions of the masses. They believe in transcending borders and supporting diversity, aiming to make every piece avant-garde and highly comfortable, liberating the wearer from the norm, placing themselves in the grey area between art and minimal fashion. In every piece they strive for sustainability and focus on making pieces wearable for a healthy lifetime.
    masculine / feminine
    light / dark
    hard / soft
    wild / mild
    Nobody creates fashion that supports individuality, not adhering to seasons, gender and common trends.


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