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The warmer weather is just starting to kick in which means it’s time for a seasonal switch up for your wardrobe. You’ve spent the last few weeks finding and ordering the perfect spring dress for that event you have coming up and maybe even started on the summer holiday fashions already but you’ve forgotten one thing, haven’t you? The work wardrobe. 

Don’t worry we’ve got you sorted with some key pieces to give your workwear a slight enhancement ready for the Spring. You’ll be transitioning into the warmer weather in style in no time!

When you think of work wear, you want comfort, style and versatility which makes Dear Freedom’s gold-plated skirt a must-have. Not only is it fashionable and work appropriate but the main selling point: it’s reversible! That’s an instant two looks from one simple item and two of your five work week outfits ready.


Founded in 2015 by friends Kristina and Rasa, Dear Freedom is a women’s fashion brand that aims to produce clothing that are comfortable, functionable and designed with care and detail. Simplicity and minimalism is a key aspect of Dear Freedom’s collections, however that doesn’t mean to say that they don’t also include designer details! Their white culottes exude the clean, straight lined designs that they’re known for however there’s a little bit of extra edge that comes with them in the form of pleating details and bohemian inspired cropped lengths.

This minimalist design continues through to Korean-based womens wear brand J Chung collections that explore elegance with hints of casual cool. The subtle use of colour in the Ashley and Elena blouses is the perfect way to embrace the warmth and light of the Spring in your work wear.  Aiming her designs at powerful and independent women, J Chung’s collections are ideal for a fashion-forward approach to the new seasons work wear.