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Who is Laurel?



Laurel is a 24 years old indie singer from London. The best part about Laurel isn’t her deep voice and her blonde locks. It’s the fact that she writes, records and produces all her music in her bedroom in London.

She started in 2013 by posting a demo of her song Blue Blood. She then got signed and released her first single Fire Breather. However, her career wasn’t going where she wanted to, so in 2014, she released her EP called To The Hills through her own label Next Time Records. Her big break happened when she released Life Worth Living in 2016. The following single San Francisco made it to Apple Music’s Artist of the Week. A few months later she signed with Counter Records and went onto her first headline UK tour in November, to support her EP, Park which was her last EP before finally releasing an album this summer called DogViolet.  Although an unusual title for an album - it's a type of flower - there was something about the word that evoked something weird explained Laurel.  She wanted the album name to represent something that was ugly for what was beautiful.

Laurel’s songs are quite melancholic as she uses songwriting as a way to deal with her feelings. Raw emotions and an electric guitar are what Laurel is about. Her first album is full of songs about love, heartbreaks and the struggles of being young and lost.