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The Rise of the Female Boxer

A sport that was for a long time typically synonymous with hardcore, intimidating men, who fought blood, sweat and tears, with a somewhat controversial reputation is now undergoing much change. Boxing is a high-intensity exercise that is unquestionably the most effective fitness regime anyone will experience, and today, is discovering a whole new gender exploration. Women are fighting against the gender-based sport and proving that whatever men can do; they can do too.

It was only at the London 2012 Olympic games when women’s boxing had approved full inclusion and with the triumphant success displayed by individual women athletes throughout the games, the rise of the female boxer has since become a fast emerging lifestyle.

Despite women’s boxing receiving a divide of opinion, a surprising number of females are taking it up – myself included. What is more surprising is that I am disabled with Cerebral Palsy. Provocative? Maybe, but I, like many other women, have been infatuated with the exercise, along with the incredible discipline, skill, mental and physical strength boxing possesses – not to mention the feeling of euphoria it leaves you with (and the killer body to go with it). The ultimate contact sport is like nothing you’ve ever experienced and above all, is recognised as receiving the utmost respect and equality. Boxing undoubtedly resonates with many women who aim to illustrate the message of, ‘this girl can’.

The physicality and performance required whilst boxing enables me to eliminate signs of difficulty and I embrace every moment, putting my all into every move. Having always acquired a natural sense of stability on my knees for balance and general movement, I execute boxing through this stance, which allows me to perform all the transitional moves freely and effectively. My trainer has also mastered the art of boxing on his knees too, which let me tell you, is no mean feat.

Male, female, able, disabled – boxing has now become fully inclusive to all, despite what gender or physical ability you fall under. Women are just as strong as their male competitors, just watch the female boxer rise.