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The perfect bag for you

In need of a hot handbag to carry around this season? Look no further.

Layla Shugri , a Dubai-based designer of Lebanese/ Russian origin, has a keen eye for geometric lines and strong, structural shapes. Her brand, LYA LYA offers statement pieces that can elevate any outfit to another level.

LYA LYA combines bold looks with timeless style. Continuously inspired by architecture, geometrical shapes, animal instincts and bold silhouettes, Layla plays with hard and soft concepts to deliver beauty in its darkest form.

Structure, metal and raw edges are the key elements of her collections. The protective feel of Armor, the attack mode of the Vultures and the fighting spirit of the spikes embellishments, make these unique pieces the focal point of any outfit.

The one-of-a-kin LYA LYA style is inspired by the powerful woman that is always in search for the unique. Every piece of her collection translates the versatility of a woman’s personality – elegant, bold, feminine and seductive all at once. Here are some of her most iconic pieces:

The Mini Armor Vault Black Croco with Goldis the perfect staple cross-body bag. With an adjustable and removable leather strap and a concealed magnetic fastening, it is perfect for everyday and is sure to add instant glamour to your outfit.

The Claw Black Plexi with Silvereffortlessly combines minimalistic elegance with elaborate Silver details. This bag offers an exceptionally practical and versatile crossbody-turned-clutch bag and it is the perfect minimalistic yet powerful addition to an evening ensemble.

The Pack Nude Dorset with Gold is a stylish mini crossbody bag with a minimalistic shape with delicate and detailed gold accents and hardware.