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Roberto Sanchez


Roberto Sanchez: Extravagant and detailed, a majestic talent with a great sophisticated style and fresh experimental air.

Everything started some years ago. Andrés Baglivo left behind his past as a professional footballer, a great player in major leagues, to focus on what really stuck with him: fashion. After 10 years of dedicating his life to training and journalistic notes, his life took a complete 180º turn.

The beginnings of this new and artistic path started by him selling vintage clothes in a small shop in Buenos Aires; fashion and aesthetics were always part of him. His vintage shop was characterised by garments specially selected by him and it was this that caught the attention of everyone who visited the store. Andrés began to reinvent these old pieces to give them a new life and a new use. Similarly to what he did with his own life, this idea of reinvention played a key part in the development of his brand Robert Sanchez. 

Growing little by little, Andrés had a stroke of luck which allowed his dreams to become a reality.  When successful Argentinian funk band, Illya Kuryaki, entered his life, they brought with them a great opportunity to help show the world his vision as a fashion designer.

The band realised what a great opportunity it would be for them to use his talents as a designer to help create their outfits for their tours. Not only would this give Andrés the recognition that he deserved but it would also solve the bands issue of costuming.  It was this collaboration that was one of the most important steps in the development of Roberto Sanchez in making a name for himself.

After his first big break in fashion, it was time for Andrés to return to focusing on the next part of his journey as a designer: creating something completely innovative. It was then that Andrés found inspiration in a part of society that enhanced the soul of his brand: youth.

He quickly realised that when it comes to fashion, young people desired to wear clothing that represented themselves and their personal style. They wanted to break the rules and limitations that classic fashion had imposed and do something different. It was this discovery that lead Andrés to creating a new era of Roberto Sanchez and take it to new levels. 



When it comes to his clients, whether they be huge artists in the world of music such as Katy Perry and Maluma or his returning customers, Andrés spends a large part of his time doing interviews that are specific to his clients as a way to understand them. It's important to him that he meets with his clients before his creates his designs for them to gain an idea of who they are. Each piece that he designs he personalises to his clients and he makes sure to express exactly what the client wants in his designs.  

Andrés is an artist who seeks to communicate and express his way of seeing creativity. He does not want his message to be confused between the client and the brand, there must be a human and artistic connection. The colours, the details, the models he chooses to communicate designs, everything is designed and built based on the essence of the brand. Andrés does not miss anything, he is in every detail that makes Roberto Sanchez what it is.