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PCP: Adapting Sportswear into Everyday Fashion


Taking a break from work over the summer makes for the perfect time to think about getting involved in a new activity. Whether that be taking up a new hobby, trying out new recipes or giving a new exercise regime a go. If you’re thinking of doing the latter, then you’ve come to the right place - as we’re giving you the low-down on the best pieces for both in and out of the gym. Gym-wear doesn’t have to be strictly for the gym, although if you’re going to double up on gym-wear and out-of-gym-wear then investing in pieces that can be turned into fashionable everyday looks is essential. Sacrificing your unique style for too much of a sport-heavy outfit is definitely not want you want to be doing. However, adapting your everyday looks to accommodate a workout can be possible… and here’s how to do it.

PCP is a Greek, unisex fashion label built by Pella Christina Papchristou in 2014. After having finished her degree, Pella began manufacturing her own clothing and soon developed her work into an international brand known now as PCP. A key feature of PCP’s brand is their focus on creating pieces that allow for an effortless transition from daytime, to gym, to evening wear too. Which makes their pieces perfect for the woman or man on-the-go. Glitter and 80s glam is another signature of their designs, with Pella believing strongly in trying to make the world a better place however she can!