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Parched skin no more, says Baylyne London!

Dull, dry skin for the win? Baylyne London doesn’t think so. Tucked away in the heart of Camden Town, Baylyne London is a skincare story waiting to be to discovered. In conversation with Jacob, co-founder of Baylyne London, here we are bringing you the scoop, straight from the skincare mogul!


Can you tell us a little bit about your story?

Baylyne Is a new Brand that has come into being since 2018. It all started as a hobby and love for the confectionary world. My wife used to create beautiful cupcakes in her free time and bake many a different kind of desserts. After a while she decided to go switch over to the health industry and create the same product except this time using different raw materials. She leaned to using natural, fresh, vegan and clean ingredients and voila the idea of Dessert soaps was born!

How did you start your brand?

We (Founders Jacob and his wife) decided to take these products a step further and to create a line of products that could match the requirement of people from different walks of life, and with different skin-types, using completely natural ingredients.

What were the difficulties you faced in the initial days, whilst setting up your brand?

Our first steps of building Baylyne was to find the correct location to produce our products, we travelled all over Europe to find that location and then we found the perfect place: Camden Market London.

The market accepted us with open arms and loved our idea and products and from here we started our first store!


We've noticed that you colour code all your items in store and as a website that believes in aesthetic appeal we were excited to see this. Is there anything that inspired you to do so?

Our brand design came from a mixture of 2 worlds: 1-the world of sweets: melting ice cream .
2-Beauty care: liquid soap. As you can see our in store branding as well as our page online has the image of beautiful pink liquid drops. We believe that everything must be aesthetic and palatable all at once.


If you had to re-define skin and body-care the Baylyne London way, what would be your take?

We believe in taking care of one’s skin in the best way, with natural ingredients and fresh materials. All our products are HANDMADE, SLS free, Paraben free , VEGAN and with natural ingredients and that’s just what we’d recommend to achieve glowing skin.


What sets your brand apart from the other skin and body care brands out there in the market?

The difference between us and others skin care brands is the usage of natural ingredients and the display of products, along with their exclusive shape and to die for unique scents.


Do you believe that travel contributes to knowledge of skin and body care?

We believe that when you travel, you meet new places with different weather and climate and that’s the best way to learn what different skin types really need. This definitely contributes to our knowledge of skin-care and body-care.


Do you have a mask for every skin-type?

We have 4 types of face masks that are suitable for many types of skin, all Vegan and SLS free.


Any skincare/bodycare tips for our readers...

Our tip for skincare and body care is to use products with natural ingredients, clean your face deeply with the right face mask for your skin and drink a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated and happy.


Where do you see Baylyne London in the next few years?

In the next few years we see Baylyne London growing in more places in Europe and all over the world.