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Embracing your individuality is such an important part of finding your own style but it can take a long time to feel completely comfortable in your own opinions and tastes in fashion. However, although it might be difficult to reach this point of self-assurance with your style, there’s nothing more satisfying than feeling as though you know yourself and are just doing your own amazing thing.

This week’s hit of inspiration comes in the form of Joanna Kruczek, a Polish designer known for her accessories - in particular her handbags. All of her bags use 100% natural leather and synthetics from around the world making her pieces incredibly high quality as well as modern and chic in their design.

A key part of Kruczek’s bags is their completely original designs. Each bag is unlike anything you will’ve seen before and offers not only a great addition to your style but also holds elements similar to that of a piece of artwork!  


Unique in its shape and design, the cubed shape of The Black Box adds a slight hard-edge to any outfit. Although the pompom strap tones it down and adds that bit of softness back into the bag for a balanced piece. Described as a bag for an individualist, the Forget-Or-Not bag oozes luxury straight away due to its gold outer fabric, ready to glam up your outfit for an evening out! The Spring colours are coming through in Blue Bird and Tropic Green making them absolute must haves to grab if you want to get your full use out of them during the warmer weather! Finally, the Origami Bag. Giving off serious 70s vibes the Origami Bag is such a versatile yet fashion-forward piece and one that can definitely be worn right through all seasons.