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Marine Henrion is a French designer who creates simple but elegant designs. Her collections contain aspects of her French culture but it heavily relies on a futuristic vibe. White is an occurring theme throughout all her collections portraying an element of purity as well as having a technologic nod. Her creativity also expands to accessories by having a white chokers collection which goes hand in hand with her clothing lines.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years -time?

Just like I stated my brand, just after having my diploma from the Atelier Chardon Savard (A Parisian fashion school), I don’t overthink about my future. I mean, I’m trying to not take life too seriously. My favourite quote is from Joe Strummer, and it says: “the future is unwritten.” So, to answer your question, I don’t know where I will be in 5 years, maybe still in Paris, maybe in a big city across the ocean or just near, but what I sincerely hope is that I can live out of what I love- to tell stories through clothes.


What do you like and dislike about the industry?

This question is quite simple, as I have some pretty strict views about it. What I love about fashion is the main reason of why I do it- to tell stories through clothing. It can be quite naïve to say that, but I really think that fashion can have more of an impact then to just dress people. What I dont like about fashion is the rhythm of the industry. By that, I mean the industry that does not let your creativity free and demands that you to always have something new. Of course, I think about the fast-fashion, but it’s a disease that unfortunately occurs in high-fashion too. See Raf Simons and Albar Elbaz, they quit because it was too much for us, because they know inspiration and creativity need time.


You have a collection based on white chokers, is this significant to your own personal style?

I made the White Chokers’ collections because I wanted to accessorize my clothing collections. When I think about a collection, I think about all the details: the clothes of course, but the jewels, the bags, the shoes and sometimes even the setting and the music of the hypothetic fashion show I create in my mind. So I made white chokers. I really like the style the chokers made on a silhouette, it rocks everything! Plus, I like that the bondage connotation disappears because of the colour (the white colour often represents purity), it even made it totally fashionable!


All your clothes are white, is this important to you?

Of course the colour white has clearly its significance in my collections. At the beginning, I made an all-white collection because my main inspiration was the Space Odyssey, space-age’s designers (as Courreges or Cardin) and futuristic architecture. At that time, the future they imagined was bright, all white and super technologic- a vision of a perfect world without war or hunger. A very different vision of the world today! I like the idea of making clothes for creatures coming from another universe, where nothing looks like us. Then you can imagine where they’re from, why they’re here- you create your own story! After, I really enjoyed working with this colour as a lead wire of my brand and collections. It allows me to work more on the material itself, creating my own fabric with seams, additional material or details as big eyelets.