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How to Blend in with the Locals this Summer



There’s nothing worse than heading off on your holidays, arriving at your destination and feeling a bit out of place. Obviously, it’s completely normal to feel slightly out of sync – you’re in a different country after all! However, you might find yourself looking around and exploring your holiday destination and feeling as though you’re standing out, and maybe not for the right reasons. Your holiday fashion can make all the different to blending in with the locals and feeling more at home and as if you belong there! Here are our tips to styling your way to blend in with the locals when you’re abroad.

Avoid bringing large bags or rucksacks out with you

If there’s anything that makes you stand out on holiday, it’s carrying around a large bag everywhere you go. It can be difficult to travel light when you’re heading out because there’s a few extra things to carry around with you; suncream, sunglasses, hats etc. Be selective with what you pack in your day-to-day bag because the last thing you want is to be carrying around a heavy bag while you’re exploring.

Excessive Sportswear

We can’t deny the comfort of sportswear. It’s practical, easy to wear and, in some cases, can be quite fashionable. However, that being said, it does give off a “I’m on my holidays and am about to do some serious sightseeing” vibe to those around you. We’re not saying ditch the sportswear completely when you’re on holiday (sometimes a pair of trainers is a must if you’re walking!) but we are saying maybe tone it down a bit. Comfort is key but don’t sacrifice your fashion sense for it!

Uncomfortable shoes

When you’re visiting a new place you’re probably going to do plenty of walking around and exploring. You definitely don’t want to be wearing a pair of shoes that stop you from enjoying your holiday. Not only will you be uncomfortable walking around but it’ll be obvious that you aren’t a local if you’re struggling to walk! A lot of holiday destinations, especially around Europe, have cobble-stoned grounds and mosaic tiled floors which can be difficult to walk on in high heels. So, make sure to do your research before you jet off and pack the right shoes. Your feet will most definitely thank you!