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How Music Influences Your Style

How Music Influences Your Style


A key part of so many of our lives, our taste in music says a lot about who we are as a person. Not only is music an element of our personalities but it can also be adapted into our individual style. From 90s punk to 70s and 80s disco, style has always been influenced by music. However, in our current lifestyles and within the music world itself it seems as though we are less inspired by upcoming tracks and more so by our previous decades of music instead. So…what exactly IS the fashion music influence of the 2010s? We, as music lovers, are taking less style inspiration from the music we listen to and more so from the magazines and advertisements that we are seeing. But this, however, does not mean that music no longer influences fashion as a whole. In fact, it seems as though designers are taking ideas and concepts from music more so now than ever before!

Having a passion for music and the arts, B Gada (of jewellery and accessories brand BEGADA) is a great example of the influence that music can have within design. BEGADA takes hand stitched jewellery and brings this technique into their on-trend yet traditional pieces. Taking influence from music, art and culture, Josie Chen manages to create accessories with a true rock-chick edge to them. Merging both femininity with industrial elements, her pieces show just how music can be adapted into any variety of style. Have you ever found yourself listening to a certain style of music and just wanting to embody that whole theme and reflect it in your style? Well this is how music is influencing you! You may not realise it but it really can have an effect on the type of fashion you choose to wear.