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Since make-up brands are typically tailored to female skin, what brands cater to the genderless population? Which beauty trends are more appealing to men/women or non-binary?

What brands cater to the genderless population?’


Credit – glossier.com
Product – Perfecting Skin Tint


We are typically attracted to product packaging as consumers. Make-up packaging is no different, the more creative or aesthetically pleasing the packaging the more likely we are to buy the product. Glossier have stripped back packaging to clean and classic colours, simplistic text and symbols. The packaging itself not particularly aiming itself towards female or male custom, but appealing to all gender/ non-gender consumers.


The Female & Male contour

The contour beauty trend started many years ago by clever make-up artists playing on the highlight and shadowing of the contours of our faces. Popularised by the likes of the Kardashians, we see expert contouring achieved by both men and women. For instance Patrick Starr, a Filipino male make up artist and a self-confessed lover of make-up. He recently collaborated with Kim Kardashian herself for a contouring make-up tutorial on his you tube channel, advertising her new beauty line.

Credit : Youtube/ PatrickStarrr

‘No matter who you are, you can express yourself however you see fit!’
His tutorials on creating the perfect face with make-up appeals to both male and female viewers striving to perfect their contour. They are uplifting videos that teach you how to accurately apply make-up and inspire the individual that no matter who you are, you can express yourself however you see fit.


Credit – Youtube/PatrickStarrr