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Leanne Claxton, artist and print designer from Lankashire, began printing her abstract floral designs onto luxury silk scarves in 2011 as a way of making her artwork more accessible. Claxton’s inspiration comes from the exotic flora and fauna observed in beaches of Sri Lanka or Bali.

Each scarf has its unique lifecycle, which makes them even more special; they start as detailed graphite sketches, which are then interpreted into dramatic oil paintings. The designs are printed in the highest possible quality and finish onto the finest fabrics: silk twill, crepe crêpe de chine and chiffon. Her original marks and quirks made in graphite and pencil are still visible, making sure that no two pieces are the same.

If you wondered how to wear them, here are 3 amazing ways that you should definitely try this spring:

i. The Neckerchief: ideal for small silk scarves, like Florence. Wrap your scarf in half in a triangular shape and then tie the two ends around your neck.

ii. The Bowtie: ideal for slim tie scarves, like Cyclamen natural. Put the scarf around the back of your neck with both sides hanging down evenly and, then, tie a simple bowtie, like you’d tie your shoe!

iii. The Reverse Drape: ideal for long silk scarves, like Dinali pink. Drape the scarf around your neck. Then, effortlessly toss both ends over the opposite shoulder. Classic move!

And if the weather is not in our favor, a Claxton umbrella will save you.