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So, you know by now that bloggers are worth paying attention to but maybe not which bloggers are the ones to watch out for. More and more bloggers and influencers are popping up across our social media platforms and it can be difficult to find the bloggers that are best to follow for the information that you’re looking for. Don’t worry as we’ve spoken to a few up and coming bloggers who we think you need to pay attention to and asked them some questions about their blogging journeys so far!


Kate from Kate Loves Travel

Kate is a travel blogger at Kate Loves Travel where she blogs about absolutely anything to do with travel – from posts about her past trips, to travel photography, through to her favourite tried and tested travel tips. She has been blogging for just over a year now and tries to cover as many different aspects of travel as she can to offer her readers a huge variety!

Bella from Passport & Pixels

Bella runs the travel blog Passport & Pixels and, as the name suggests, for her it’s not just about the travel, it’s also about the photography.  She travels a lot, often in her role as a factual TV producer, but her real passion is taking photographs.  She combines all of these things to write honest, interesting and funny accounts of the places she’s been, always accompanied by amazing photos!

TCL: How did you first get into blogging?

KATE: I got into blogging on a bit of a whim to be honest… I have loved both travel and photography for many years and have accumulated masses of photos and many notebooks full of scribbles… so I decided it was time to set them free and hopefully inspire others to get out and explore more of our incredible planet!

BELLA: About two years ago I was working as a video producer for Lonely Planet.  I went to the bosses there and asked them how I might go about getting to write and photograph for them too, and they asked me if I could show them any examples of my travel writing.  Did I have a blog, for example?  Somewhat embarrassed, I admitted I didn’t, and then swiftly went and created one!  I’ve since had two pieces published on the Lonely Planet website, and hopefully there will be more in the near future. 

TCL: Is blogging a hobby or a part/full time job for you?

KATE: I’m a part-time blogger, Spanish tutor and translator, as well as being a mum.  Blogging works well for me as I have a husband who travels a lot for work and a daughter who swims competitively – blogging is something I can do anywhere so I am not limited by these factors.  I can often be found poolside tapping away frantically on my laptop!

TCL: What are some of your biggest achievements from blogging? (whether that be awards or personal achievements e.g. confidence growth, friendship etc.)

BELLA: It’s still early days for me, but last month I was absolutely gobsmacked to win Best Photography at the UK Blog Awards.  Can’t get much better than that as a photographer and blogger! I also consider it to be an amazing achievement every time someone I don’t know comments on the blog, or on an Instagram photo, or says they’re going to visit a place that I’ve written about. Travel blogging is a hugely crowded and very competitive marketplace, so if my work has inspired or impressed someone who doesn’t even know me, it’s an incredible feeling. 

TCL: Do you think bloggers offer something different to what magazines and articles do? What? Give examples.

KATE: For me, there are several obvious differences: One of the biggest differences is the variety out there – you can find blogs on very particular niches, which is less common with magazines as they need to reach a certain number of readers to be financially viable. Also, because most bloggers focus on a specific niche, they are usually knowledgeable about their field.

Another big difference I find is that most bloggers tend to give their honest opinions in their blogs. After all, we are freelancers and publish content on our own domains, which allows us to be impartial and give our opinions unhindered by the constraints of editors/publishers. The other difference I think is that blogging is much more interactive. Readers can comment on posts (and receive a personal response) and communicate with us directly via social media. There is much more dialogue between bloggers and their readers than there is between magazines and their readers.

TCL: Why do you think someone who is new to reading blogs should start reading them?

BELLA: There is something out there for everyone.  Whatever you’re interested in, someone will be blogging about it.  And if they’re not, then start your own!   Most magazines are published infrequently and only have a certain amount of space in their pages.  With blogs, the possibilities are endless.  There are just so many bright, talented, creative people out there posting amazing content every day; you only have to scratch the surface to find content that inspires, excites, moves, amuses or entertains you. If you’re not sure where to start, join Twitter and search for bloggers in the subjects you’re interested in. There’s a great community of travel bloggers, food bloggers, dating bloggers, beauty bloggers, and so on, all sharing great content and recommending each other.  Give it a try!

TCL: Which of your blog posts do you think is your best work/favourite piece?

KATE: That’s a tricky one… I have a few favourites, but I guess if I need to pick just one it would be A Life-Changing Experience – it’s all about how I feel travel has changed me as a person and the impact it has had on my life so it’s quite a personal post, which hopefully comes across when you read it.

BELLA: This is hard. I’m proud of all of them! I love my most recent one, about climbing an active volcano in the Congo and seeing the world’s largest lava lake. I’m also fond of my Unhelpful Guides, which are tongue-in-cheek travel guides I started writing about places I was visiting for work, where I was there for about 5 minutes and got to see almost nothing at all.  They’re designed to give people a humorous insight into the life of a TV Producer on the road.