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Adding Colour to Your Wardrobe


After the seemingly endless amount of gloom and chill over the Winter period it can be quite daunting to finally start adding a bit of brightness back into your wardrobe again. Sometimes it’s a little too easy to find yourself slipping into the habit of wearing neutral shades throughout the colder and darker months to the point that when Spring finally comes along you might be feeling a little bit lost about where you want to go with your wardrobe.

Spring equals bold colours and floral patterns, right? Not entirely! Just because it’s Spring that doesn’t mean that it’s time to suddenly jump to bringing out the prints as soon as the first bit of sun arrives. You might be thinking “well if I’m not introducing patterns and prints then how do I embrace the warmer weather?” which is where accessories come into play. Choosing to gradually incorporate brightness bit by bit through your jewellery as a transition between the changing seasons is the ideal place to start. We have some amazing jewellery designers for you work into your wardrobe for the Spring/Summer, but Boky Lee takes the crown.

Taking her influence from structural forms and architecture, her pieces are completely adjustable and interconnecting so you can create a range of unique pieces of jewellery from just a few individual items. The bright, block-colour palette of her accessories are the perfect way to add a bit of vibrancy to any of your looks making them a great transitional item to have in for the Spring and to show off your individuality!