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A bit of silver with a whole story

Two sisters, one graphic designer and one industrial designer, set up their own business together leading to the creation of Clara & Yema.

Dolores and María started their brand, Clara & Yema, in 2012. 
Their mother was the one who inspired these women from the beginning showing them the world of jewelry from exploration and creativity.  After a long search, these designers started their own business looking for independence in the field of design.
They started selling their first products on Facebook; Thanks to the quality and design of every respective product, and with a totally personalized sale with each client, they grew fast until they owned their own website where they sell their work and communicate their identity as a brand. Both designers emphasize the importance of marketing and social media today.

With more than 20,000 followers on Instagram communication is one of the most important tools they have.
This brand stands out for two important things: the quality of the product and the influence of how customers receive the product, that is why they have an artisan packaging, thinking totally for the product and a direct communication with each follower that buys at Clara & Yema.

Today they count with a store on the busiest streets of Buenos Aires where they design pieces that are characterized by being created from the combination between manual drawings and 3D programs giving life to jewelry for every day. Made up of silver each product is a simple and particular design. The variety of options is very wide; From earring to rings, these designs are made from the search for something chic and luxurious that you can use daily.

The designers managed, with great effort and dedication, to create accessories that are timeless and recyclable. Each product that is not sold is melted to create a new design: the importance of sustainable development is one of the key pieces of this brand.

Nowadays, Clara & Yema is chosen by its public for being a brand that creates products especially for their customers and that each one carries a very particular meaning thanks to their character designs. As people choose the brand, the designers realized that each client found their ideas quite significant and that each one told a different story for them.

The main objective of the brand is clear: create pieces that are not an accessory that responds to trends but products that are designed to be relics with a personal value that can always be useful. Great done!

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