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A bit of silver with a whole story

The story began 6 years ago.
Two sisters, one graphic designer and one industrial designer, launched their own business together. Clara & Yema was born as a result of their mother's inspirations.

Dolores and María started their brand, Clara y Yema, in 2016.
Inspired by their mother and the jewelry activity that she carried out, these designers started their own business looking for independence in the field of design.

They began selling their first products on Facebook and today they have an e-commerce sale that allows them to reach different cities of the country. And not only that, but they also have a physical location on one of the busiest streets of Buenos Aires, where each client can go and choose their Clara & Yema.

The creation of these pieces are characterized by the combination of artisanal and digital: Between manual drawings and 3D programs these designers create jewelry for every day.

Composed of silver, each unit is a simple and particular design. The variety of options is very broad. From rings with animal details or shape of a drop of water to earrings of lemons.

 These designers managed, with much effort and dedication, to create valuable accessories, not only because of the material that composes them but also for the meaning that each client finds in a Clara & Yema.

Today this brand is chosen by its public for having found pieces that last over time and that carry in themselves a very particular meaning.

A pet of their childhood, a symbol related to the profession, each person finds something different within the brand and manages to generate a connection to tell a different story.

The designers never thought about creating the brand for this purpose, but, as people wrote to thank them for the memory or for making such significant pieces, they found a new end for the brand: keep creating to generate new stories.

And so it was that, from an atelier in a house, these designer sisters on a new journey. From wedding alliances to necklaces with charms, each product is created from art to love.

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