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Ever wondered if reading this on your laptop is wreaking havoc on your jawline? LISA REICH investigates the new phenomenon of ‘Tech Neck’ – and how to beat it

As the owner of several ruthless mirrors (the kind that magnify flaws x1000), I’m amazed I haven’t scrutinized my jawline before. I am obsessive about wrinkles, sun damage, my arms, my hands... But my chin had never given me cause for concern, until my sister gave the skin underneath a loving flick and said, “Look at her go!” Where did that come from?

“When it comes to skincare, the neck is an oft-forgotten area,” says London-based facialist Sarah

Chapman. “We spend around 411 minutes a day looking at screens –that’s a lot of time spent with your chin tucked under and your face tilted at a 45º angle. It’s inevitably going to take its toll, causing slackening around the neck and deep skin creases.”

The good news is that beauty experts are taking a bespoke approach to solving the problem. Read on to discover the products picking up the slack.


The latest addition to YSL’s Forever Youth Liberator range is a dedicated jaw, neck and décolleté serum that comes with impressive statistics. In clinically graded trials, Y-Shape Concentrate was shown to increase skin elasticity by 29 percent and firmness by 13 percent after just one application. It works by effectively switching the glycans (skin messengers that become inefficient with age) back on, to restore communication between the dermis and epidermis and stimulate collagen. Use regularly for four weeks and apply