We are a small team of glasses lovers - designing frames & sharing work from the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania. Inviting you to see, experiment, and feel – a community of confident eyes.

      Launched by Goda Narijauskaite in 2018, this label is an accumulation of her long-lived passion for all things optic, branching from early childhood days to adulthood. That being said, our biggest hope remains that the people who wear our glasses – would dare to choose the frame that they love the most and embrace the feeling that comes with each and every frame.

      The vision :

      The Supernormal name wasn’t just made up in an ad agency, it’s a belief of individuality and consciousness, self-pride, and braveness.

      The one who is SUPERNORMAL – he’s not afraid to admit that he hasn’t always been true to himself, but is trying now. He is the one asking himself the uncomfortable questions and looking for answers within. The one who keeps on learning.

      The choice of who you are is always yours, but we invite you to break free from whatever may be holding you. We encourage you to be brave & conscious. We urge you to take pride in your thoughts, your appearance, your talents & flaws. Do all that for yourself, because in the end, it all ties back to comfort. Whether it may be glasses or your personality – comfort must be felt in everything

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