We are Satatland, a guilt-free, compromise-free, cruelty-free, and ownership-free circular occasion wear brand. We make beautiful sustainable outfits with a vision to see a positive change in our lifetime.

      Our name translates to “Sustainable Land”, a world where we are motivated by the principles of the circular economy. We are determined to bring the utopian vision of how Fashion should be consumed one step closer.

      Wearing different outfits for every occasion means owning an endless overpacked wardrobe that comes at the cost of our environment, therefore, we envisioned an ownership-free future in Satatland.

      Based on where you are located, our designs can be rented, leased, or even bought globally with an option to return for responsible reuse/upcycle/recycle when it is no longer wearable or required in exchange of 15% discount and free shipping for return.

      Our vision is to see a positive change in our lifetime therefore we chose materials that are not only sustainable but leave a positive impact on the planet. Along with sustainability in our products, we also ensure that our supply chain is ethical. We follow strict protocols when selecting our suppliers with a focus on human development. All our products are crafted at SEDEX compliant producers in India who provide impeccable quality as a result of their years of experience. 

      From our inception, our ethos has been to create beautiful clothing that is undertaken with artisanal care to endure no skimp in detail and made using sustainable materials only. From the first sketch, our designs embody a fearless aspiration to merge original, feminine, and modern styles. This compassion for the environment, quality, and style empower each piece in modern sexiness for the bold and liberated.

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