Pietrasanta is for those who enjoy fashion jewellery. We specialise in statement earrings and necklaces, made in Italy from high-end Italian resin. Working with resin means that we’re able to offer light-weight jewellery in a variety of colours, designs and finishes.

      Our pieces are designed to be timeliness – there are classic and modern influences in how they are conceived. The idea is for our pieces not to go out of fashion - rather, to create striking jewellery that complements the clean lines seen in the chic haute-couture of the 80s and have today’s wearer look equally stunning with it. You’re not just buying any piece of jewellery – every Pietrasanta item comes with a craftsmanship behind it, a history, a tradition and a story.

      We work with female artisans, each with over 30 years of experience in the industry and a career in making jewellery for Italian and international high-fashion labels. Every necklace and earring is made by hand in our workshop, and we only use locally sourced premium Italian resin to craft our statement pieces. The components we use, from the beads to the metallic parts, are completely hypoallergenic – free from nickel, copper and lead. This means happy skin, happy customers.

      Our luxury statement jewellery also offers an alternative to fine and demi-fine jewellery, in terms of style and price. As our jewellery is made of resin, which is considerable lighter than metals, precious and semi-precious stones, our customers enjoy that our jewellery is lightweight, without compromising on a premium feel or elegant style.

      Pietrasanta offers a sustainable approach to the creation of fashion jewellery. Our premium is reinforced by the practices and standards we adopt. We find a lot more value in sourcing our materials through local artisans and carefully hand-making each piece. It also helps us to preserve a craft and a part of Italian history, and offers us the chance to share these stories with our customers. After all, we make fashion jewellery that is made to last, through luxury necklaces and earrings that are classic and stylistically sustainable.

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