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Founded with a desire to combine truly warm women's outerwear with modern and versatile designs, Holi's clothes are designed to appeal to those searching for something both special and instantly wearable.

Holi's team specialize in creating premium quality products from carefully selected fabrics, using distinctive designs. All of Holi's outerwear is made in our in-house production and design center, Holi Studios in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Holi Studios with headquarters in London, is a training and clothing factory in Siem Reap, Cambodia that, unlike the sweatshops associated with the area, pays their staff fairly, provides on-site training and treats them well. Holi Studios provides a secure and safe working environment for their highly-skilled workers by offering advanced training, fair pay and fair treatment.

Holi Studios founder Leah Rodrigues says, "Many local Cambodians receive excellent charity-funded training but are then unable to convert this into long-standing, fair and sustainable employment. Our workers are not only able to support their families but also act as role models in their community - Holi Studios proves that skill development can lead to long-term benefits with the potential to really change lives."

Holi Studios is founded upon the principles of fair treatment and a living wage for all of their workers, whilst also prides itself on the technical ability to produce quality products for the luxury international market, and the rigorous quality control needed to achieve this. One of the first collections from Holi Studios is the women's outerwear label Holi made with luxury fabrics such as Llama and cashmere wool and silk. With clean lines, interesting detail and elegant shapes Holi coats and jackets are designed to appeal to those searching for something both special and instantly wearable.

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