Conquista Fashion

      In a world where time is of the essence, we wanted to create a clothing line which would at once encompass both style and ease for the contemporary woman of today. In embarking on this project, we had to take into consideration both the need for versatility and that all essential factor of individuality. What we wear is an extension of our personality and, as such, one of our first priorities was to ensure that our clothes enhanced that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ which each and every woman possesses. An awareness of how integral to a woman’s identity are the clothes that she wears gave us the impetus to innovate and create our two successful clothing ranges: Conquista and shirts we love. With a market presence since 2006, Conquista, as the name may suggest, is our company forerunner. Conquista with that signature hint of seduction appeals to the hip, sophisticated, and body-conscious woman who takes pride in her appearance, no matter where she may be. Our company has played a role on the international fashion stage for over 8 years now gaining recognition and approval from women from all over the world. Our restless determination to innovate and our innate desire to provide beautiful garments ensures we will always be on the cutting edge of the clothing design industry crafting clothes for you.
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