Why is Fashion Important?

Coming Together

The number one reason fashion is important is because it connects us all.

A powerful form of self-expression, individual passions and creativity are expressed through pieces that make us feel good. Influence between industry and street style is interchangeable, with inspiration for fabrics, designs and accessories coming from both sides.



It can be armour, a statement, a disguise, a celebration, a revolution.


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Express Yourself

As a medium that can speak louder than words and paint the most dynamic (or secretive) of first impressions. Fashion can shout without uttering a syllable, and enables you to understand a shared experience in less time than it takes to say hello.

In essence, it is personally curated wearable art.

When we chose independent luxury designers, we chose art every day. And like art, it has the power to evoke in us our individual humanity. 


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Written by J. Clarke