MONOCHROME has a unique collaborative approach in design, using distinctive visual forms and tangible formations, while applying geometrical and bespoke pattern cutting. The result is a uniquely tailored design, that combines craft with functionality, counterbalanced with a keen eye for detail and quality.

The designers’ objective is to create garments that are practical and modish at the same time. London life inspires them to create garments that are made to function within an urban setting. They work on technical fabrics such as waxed cotton that is waterproof and wool that is efficient and durable.While maintaining a genderless aesthetic, they create innovative tailored jackets and trousers with considerable attention to symmetry.signs.

Imitating many geometric structures, their designs not only have an adaptable fit but also a transformation ability for any occasion. All garments adorn the classical palette of the strongest shades of black and grey exuding a minimal quality for casual wear and unisex elegance.

MONOCHROME creations are genderless, singular and timeless. They come from nowhere but they’re made to wear anywhere and by anyone. The asexual tone of their garments emanates the free and innovative vision that drives the designs.