The Perfect Son - A New Vision For Men's Underwear

"Perfection is never where you expect it to be, perfection is in the unexpected".

TCL: Which are the most desirable characteristics of your product?

TPS: It is a product for a client with a distinctive personality and values who is looking for unique experiences and moments. Each boxer tells a story with which you might feel identified. They are works of art. They are limited editions. They are numbered and can be personalised with your initials. They become small treasures that you use or give away at very special moments. I personally follow every purchase. I speak directly with clients in case they want something special and at the end; I incorporate a handwritten note thanking them for entering the family of The Perfect Son. Most of the times clients write to me explaining how their experience was when they received my products. I think that in the future I will write a book about customer stories - they are amazing!

Moreover, my product is high quality - of course. We cut each boxer shorts with scissors, we sew them with one-needle sewing machines and use French sewing. We individually check every boxer before it leaves the workshop. There is no manufacturing chain. Each garment is made by a person who takes full responsibility for it until the very last minute.

TCL: What differentiates your underwear from the more traditional ones?

TPS: The pattern of our boxers is essential to provide comfort to the garment. There are no extra or missing pieces. They have an open and adjustable waistband with tailored fly, invisible bar tacks, no side seams and a single backside piece with clean seams on the inside leg. One of the most important pieces is the front one - which is made out of a double layer of fabric that provides more body and avoid transparencies. We use the best quality of materials in the world. A careful preparation combined with our passion for details; makes each of our boxers unique. The excellent 140’s textiles, 100% fine cotton (Thomas Mason fabrics), nine stitches per centimetre, customised Australian mother of pearl buttons and the latex-free microfibre rubber give them an extremely soft touch. It is a dermatologically-tested product. Each boxer is presented in a splendid box. Each box is marked by the exclusive fragrance that reminds us of a very special moment in our lives.

TCL: How was the process to develop the packaging, the perfume each product carries, the styling and all the details a client can perceive when buying a The Perfect Son work?

TPS: I wanted to create a project that combined fashion, feelings and emotions. It was clear that I had to build a different life experience. There was no doubt that the packaging was very important to the eye of the client. However, I had to think how to transmit something that was essential for me - the smells that quickly transport you to special moments. One of my favourite games from my childhood was blindfolded scents tests. I grew up close to the countryside, the mountains and the sea. I thought of associating each boxer with my best memories. It would be something special.

The aroma of leather that my father used to give off when he hugged me after arriving from the factory. The smell of mandarin that remained in my house after the snack. The scents of the rosemary and the laurel drying in the gallery of my former house. The smell of fresh cut grass when I used to get up in the morning. I only use pure Mediterranean aromas such as lavender, rosemary, jasmine, thyme. Once the perfumes had been created by Xavier (a friend from Barcelona), I designed the boxes in cube shape. I think cube is the most perfect figure - all sides are equal - its volume and its purity are great and it creates an incredible harmony when you stack them together and - last but not least - it gives order. Order is essential in my life. I'm not an obsessive; but a little bit squared. I only make a double perforation in the lid of the box and put a scented cotton wrapped in the same fabric than the boxer to be packaged.

TCL: There is a phrase of your own authorship that we find very interesting when talking about art and fashion. Although we can use it for general life as well; the phrase reads something like:

"Perfection is never where you expect it to be - perfection is in the unexpected"

What does this mean to you? How is this phrase reflected in your brand?

TPS: It is the true story of my life - what my parents have seen in me. Perfection does not exist. It is not where we believe it to be - perfection is in the authentic. The unexpected and the unique. Kike Maíllo (a film director winner of a Goya prize and a friend of mine), made a short film where he perfectly explains the true meaning of the name of my brand. It is the story of a father who wanted to make his son his way; until he realised his son was exceeding his expectations. I recommend that you watch it, it is tremendously exciting!

TCL: To wrap up, we would like you to give us a phrase. A piece of advice or something that we can keep with us after this interview.

TPS: A phrase my mother said to me when I told her I would create The Perfect Son.

"If you do so, don't do it for money. Do it to feel busy and have fun without depending on anyone else for the rest of your life. I haven't known what to do for thirty years, thank God I have my four children."

For me, The Perfect Son is my perfect son. It is a project that excites me very much. It is everything that I like in life - fashion, art, photography, food and special places.