What does Lommer mean and why did you choose this name for your brand?

Lommer comes as an acronym from the words “Love Materials Meet Requirements”. Our design and production philosophy is included in these words. We love what we do and we get inspired by unexpected materials and we combine them together to meet practical requirements.

How did you two meet? How did you get to decide to create this brand with each other?

After our studies as product designers, life brought us together in a common design project. After some time working together, we found out that our way of thinking is very similar and we decided to try something new on our own. We tried many different materials to find the one that would inspire us enough.

How would you describe your pieces of art? What do you think that sets Lommer apart from other handbags brands?

We perceive our creations as timeless product designs and not just fashionable. Our pieces of art offer a complete and unique experience to our customers. By choosing their favorite combination, they become a part of the design process. This choice, along with a material that is produced with our specific requirements, set Lommer apart from other similar brands.

How would you describe your pieces of art? What do you think that sets Lommer apart from other handbags brands? How is the woman that you have in mind when you design your bags? What is her personality? 

We design our bags for an independent woman who wants her style to be distinguishable in everyday life. Clean and minimal aesthetics are a must for her personality in order to become a #lommerlover. She is also young (or feels like it!), active and modern. Although we mostly design for women, some of our designs are totally unisex and can be held perfectly by men too.

Could you please tell us a little bit more about the creative process behind your Eva bags?

Eva bags belong to a whole collection, named “EvaFamily”. We developed a material which consists of E.V.A. foam and rubber and we combine this with seatbelts, sailing ropes and metallic chains to make our designs come to life. Our philosophy for the EvaFamily is concentrated in the words “no sewing involved”. Every bag is assembled with snap buttons, so someone can easily change and create different styles on their own.

If you had to choose one item from your collections, what would that be?

We would choose EvaMini for our essentials, EvaPocket for a carefree walk on an island, EvaClutch Small for a night out, EvaClutch OnChain for the perfect girly or business look, EvaOri for a cute afternoon walk, EvaTwo for our everyday choice and EvaPack for an urban exploration of the city.

How do you see your brand in 5 years from now?

As a globally recognizable design brand. We are already expanding in more and more design shops while evolving our core team to support our goals. We believe that our designs are timeless and are not limited in a certain style. Last but not least, we would be happy if the world was full of #lommerlovers 5 years from now.

If you had to remember a moment through the years of Lommer, which would it be?

It wouldn’t be just one moment. As a new design brand, there are more than one moments that defined us. The day of our first birthday as Lommer was also the day that we learned that our EvaTwo won an A’Design Award. Following that great feeling, we recently won an International Design Award (IDA) for our EvaPack. We can’t wait for the next one!