Sustainability and Wellness Blend at the Arctic Bath Hotel

Located under the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer, the Arctic Bath hotel offers a unique wellness experience to the epicureans and global travellers.

Natural leather, light wood and a colour palette made of green hues, cognac and burnt red welcome the guests at the Arctic Bath hotel located in Haras, in the North East of Sweden.


Opened last January and developed with the idea to provide a unique northern experience to wellness seekers, the hotel took inspiration from the timber floating era and the history of the location.
“We looked into history for inspiration,” says designer AnnKarthrin Lundqvist, who has been responsible for the design and architecture of the place. “The idea was to create something unique while taking inspiration from history and local culture.”
It resulted in cold baths, saunas, a spa and a breath-taking nature surrounding the hotel. But contrasts are at the heart of the Arctic Bath experience, chief among them “history and future, cold and hot, water and stone,” explains Lundqvist.
The cold baths and saunas being part of the local history, they have been enhanced by a concept and an architecture different from other hotels of the region. Indeed, the main building is made of real timber logs in order to look like a log jam and it was developed to “become a monument of the importance of timber and wood,” says Lundqvist.
Arctic Bath revolves around sustainability and the search of wellness. For Lundqvist, the aim is to immerse the guests “in the elements while leaving a minimal environmental footprint behind.”
Guests can enjoy the tradition of taking a warm sauna in combination with a cold bath, relax in one of the hotel rooms on land, suites on poles or elevated cabins on the shore. With only 12 rooms (all are separate cabins), Arctic Bath provides a much-needed luxury retreat in a fast-paced environment.
Whether you want to rent the whole hotel for an event or enjoy a private getaway in one of the cabins, the experience remains unforgettable.
The style of the hotel is a combination of calmness and elegance, “less is more,” explains designer Lundqvist. “The space is designed to not distract, it is simple, calming and the use of natural materials is in harmony with the architects’ visions.”
The Arctic Bath experience is “rooted in the arctic nature.” The cold bath and spa are part of the main attractions of the place. Enjoy a dip and a wellness treatment before tasting the daily changing five course menu made of local and sustainable ingredients.
No matter if you prefer to ice fish, resource in your cabin or enjoy the cold bath, Arctic Bath has the right experience for all curious explorers. “It is a bit early to speak about our future projects, but we have a lot of plans,” explains Lundqvist. We are already looking forward to experiencing them.