Sophia - Enjoy Thinking: a homeware brand sharing Greek wisdom

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Inspiring interiors become even better with the help of the Sophia Enjoy Thinking, a home décor brand founded by Sandra Alevra. This label captivates with its passionate approach to the aesthetics and philosophy of ancient Greece. Today, we have a chance to get a detailed insight into the brand.

Sandra Alevra – the founder of Sophia Enjoy Thinking
Where and when your brand started?

Our journey started 6 years ago, in Athens, in a difficult financial and social period, from our need for creation and our love for design. SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking was created to share the beauty of Greek heritage around the world and managed to have presence in over 40 countries, 400 stores and 36 museum shops!

What was the motivation to establish the brand?

It was the need to make our life at home better, more comfortable and peaceful and we looked back to the past at all those things that remained constant and beautiful and true. Greek heritage and the wise sayings of our philosophers inspired us to make unique objects that would help us set up our pleasant private world and tell our personal home story.

Please, tell us something about the story behind the name of the brand - SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking.

We chose to call the brand 'Sophia' - a Greek word that means 'wisdom' - because ancient Greek wisdom is timeless. Our motto is 'Enjoy Thinking'. Thinking is the only bright guide in our lives. Only by thinking you can change yourself but also change the world around you. SOPHIA through 'thinking' creates, collaborates and communicates.


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Can you describe your brand in 3 words?

Storytelling, Authentic and Handmade.

Many of your pieces are closely related to philosophy. Do you have a favourite philosopher or philosophical thought that inspires you?
The wise Plato who is famous for his dialogues (early, middle, and late), which showcase his metaphysical theory of forms. His quotes appear in many of our items. One of our favorite: “Thinking is the talking of the soul with itself”.


Sophia Enjoy Thinking Philosophia collection homeware

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The brand's offer is very diverse in categories - statues, cushions, candles and many more. What is your personal favourite?

Probably the combination of all! Every single item has character, emotion, a story to tell and a unique look thanks to authentic motifs and patterns. Delicately combining eternity with modernity it is a concept that finds a special place in every home.

Your products are hand-crafted and the detail of them is impressive. Which type of item is the most challenging to create?

All our items are made with great love and care and are of high quality. If we had to choose the most challenging would be Winged Nike of Samothrace, a piece of art which symbolizes peace, fortune and justice. For us women, probably is our favorite!

Multiple of your products cross boundaries of ordinary, for example by mixing antique classic style with modern pop-art. Where did this idea come from?

It came from our need to bring treasures of our past into the future. Into today’s but also tomorrow’s design. The need to create a new concept and as we look back we have started a new decor trend!


Sophia Enjoy Thinking Eternal collection homeware

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Is there an element that you think should find its place in every home. If so, what is it?

Any Sophia object with a strong message and a timeless story that inspires us and makes us think, would bring peace, happiness and good luck in every home!

How do you imagine the future of SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking?

Our goal is to spread all over the world the emotion and the story behind our brand Sophia Enjoy Thinking!


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