Entering the world of fashion after studying business administration, Penny Vomva is the designer behind Rien. Primarily an online fashion retail store, Rien also has two stores in Athens and one in Mykonos, making it an up and coming, emerging brand.

Taking pride in her designs, Vomva believes that combining four specific things: timeless design, high quality fabrics, excellently made patterns and finally, and most essential, hand-made production, are the key elements to her work. Each of which is represented throughout every one of her collections.



Collecting inspiration from theatre and music, Rien has a very distinctive style in its approach to its garments. Most recognisable is the fact that the site offers the option to choose both the colour and material of a garment to its customers, giving everyone a unique experience.

At Rien they believe that expressing your own personal style is a must and that everyone should embrace their uniqueness through their choice in clothing. ‘You don’t have to follow trends. Make your own rules’. Not only does Rien allows you to show off your individuality through their clothing but also through their range of luxury, handmade Italian leather bags and accessories too.

Their latest collection for SS18, entitled Meet Me at the Flea Market represents everything that Rien’s designs encompass: simplicity but with a twist. Sharing a mix of clean yet bohemian pieces, it's clear to see that Rien is a must visit brand for your Summer wardrobe. 

         https://www.the-clothinglounge.com/collections/dresses/products/mah-mad-about-hue-nicole-halter-neck-dress-1     https://www.the-clothinglounge.com/collections/dresses/products/lozneva-silk-jumpsuit-1  https://www.the-clothinglounge.com/collections/womens-tops/products/wen-pan-gathered-coat   https://www.the-clothinglounge.com/collections/womens-tops/products/likethis-eel-top-2