Qwear Fashion

Without the limitations of genders, Qwear Fashion features the beauty of queer bodies and expression. The inspiring blog was established in 2011 by trans rights activist Sonny Oram and has been since evolving with a team of writers from around the world.

The blog expresses a gender neutral vision through its posts where they educate the mainstream fashion industry about queer identities. Unisex fashion is something we acknowledge often nowadays but Qwear Fashion uses its platform to be the voice of niche groups and ideas such as plus size androgynous expressions or femmes of colour.

Continuously evolving, the blog has showcased their ideology through several fashion installation and shows, where they explored the interaction between traditional fashion aesthetic and queer experience. Yet in another show, they portrayed the pressure which fashion designers and society apply the expression of femininity. Qwear Fashion is more than words, they are action. 

“Quuers are easily criminalised—we are fugitives of fashion. Our bodies become targets while our styles become obsessions,” quotes Rupi, the Fashion Director of Qwear. Rupi explains the problem within the fashion industry as gender neutral becomes a trend in fashion yet gender neutral people are still misunderstood.

With much colourful content Qwear Fashion showcases LGBTQIA+ modes of expression with their posts. Interviewing designers and artists, questioning current trends in fashion with humour and irony, Qwear Fashion becomes an entertaining platform as much as an educative one. Staying true to their identities, Qwear Fashion aims to educate the fashion industry as well as the society about queer individuals.