Peyote takes broken heart, and makes art

Alongside her studies into museology and cultural heritage management, Josefina Muñoz, dedicates her free-time to creating and running Peyote. After a personal search, she found a new path full of ideas, resulting in an incredible, colour-filled, accessories brand.

Jose, we know you are studying museology and cultural heritage management, how was it that Peyote was created in the middle of your studies?
They say that from broken hearts big things come out. It was after an ex-boyfriend left me that I couldn't move on, so I decided to set off on a journey to central America. I needed something new, something different. My search started by looking at a different culture, finding some peace that I couldn’t find in myself.
After three months I was back in my country, Argentina. I knew I didn’t heal enough but, on the other hand, I noticed something…from the beginning to the end of my journey I never took off my belt bag.

So, was it here that you thought of the idea of having your own brand?
Yes, well, there were three of us in the team at its starting point. We were talking, just having some girly time and thinking about the need of a revival of the fanny-pack. That was when THE idea came to us: let's make our own!

The process of creating Peyote was a long and carefully considered one. So, with that in mind, we're wondering; who exactly is the brand aimed at?
Peyote is for everyone, or maybe it's better to say for no one. The real universal sense of belonging is the non-belonging. We don’t want to focus in on a specific client or target, we don’t identify as a fashion accessory but more as an existence understanding clothing as a form of art and expression .

What is your main goal in the creation of your products?
When someone sees our belt-bags, they can appreciate the different mix of essences for different people. Just like personalities, you know? For example, we have bags that are big and adventurous for those who need to have all of their things with them. However, we also have bags that are quick and easy to throw on, which are great for those of you who are always moving. The goal is for our customers to find the perfect one for them.  

What is your favourite aspect of Peyote?
I love the identity of Peyote. The first thing that I do is choose the leathers. All of the materials that I use are local to me. Being a small producer allows me to choose all of the materials myself which is completely inexplicable for me. It's comparable to the feeling of being a young child and having your parents watching you achieve something; a sense of self pride. Every detail; the internal fabrics, the thread, the colours, everything is a mystique and the end is a homemade product. And there's nothing like feeling at home.

When you think of Peyote, how do you imagine it?
Free. We a have super trendy and delicate patent leather belt-bag, and I imagine running around the Louvre with it as if you were in a Jean Luc Godard film, haha! 

To finish, what do you feel when you see someone using a Peyote or uploading photos of your products to social media?
It fascinates me. It is amazing to see everything one can achieve. The whole process is beautiful. All we do is done with love and a lot of effort. We are a team, me and my incredible team of suppliers and seamstresses. So, it means a lot.

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