Over the last few years or so, underwear has become more and more of a fashion staple. No longer is underwear simply worn underneath your favourite dresses, shirts and trousers but more frequently as a standalone item in your wardrobe. With so much focus on underwear as a part of your outfits, if you’re going to join in on the trend you’re going to want get yourself some new pieces right?!

It’s easy to find underwear for style only and the same for underwear that is purpose only. But, hunting out the perfect set that combines both glamour and practicality can take some time. Well at Pansy they’ve got you covered.

An underwear company focusing on organic cotton materials as the base for their products, Pansy was created with the discovery of a need for comfy, ethical underwear. The cotton for their products is grown and milled domestically and their underwear is locally designed and made.

The idea came about when owners Laura Schoorl and Rachel Corry were thinking of what their dream underwear would be. Minimal, sturdy, stylish and made locally. From here they set out to achieve this through Pansy.

The simplicity of their designs makes their pieces perfect for layering up in the summer with a blouse or sheer top to show some colour but still keep covered up. Alternatively, the bright colours could even be shown off as a standalone top with a waistcoat over the top for a cool, casual spring/summer look.