NICMAC BEAUTY - A Beauty Brand That Cares About You

TCL: Can you introduce yourself?

NM: My name is Nicola. I am 24 years old and I always forget how old I am and have to work it out! I am from Nottingham and love everything about beauty, skincare, sport and pizza. I began the concept for NICMAC Beauty when I was 21.

TCL: How did you formulate the concept behind NICMAC Beauty and and why?

NM: I'm super pale and blonde and unfortunately a lot of makeup colours don't suit me and I tend to stick to quite light shades. I always struggled to find a nice shade that wasn't in a plastic palette full of 7 other shades that I wouldn't use. I started looking for customisable palettes but they all tended to be very expensive, made of plastic or just didn't look very nice at all. I then decided to have a play around at making my own shades whilst in my first year of university and found that I loved doing this as I could pick any colour I wanted and really enjoyed trialling new formulas and colours. It wasn't until after university and a whole lot of research, trialling and testing that NICMAC Beauty began to form.

TCL: What is your professional background and your expertise in makeup?

NM: My professional background is heavily fashion and trend related. I completed a Fashion Design degree at Nottingham Trent University and then I went on to Trend Forecasting. Fashion and beauty trends work hand-in-hand so it was great to have all of this knowledge and put it towards NICMAC Beauty. Alongside studying fashion, I also studied cosmetic formulation and self taught myself through Youtube and great training courses online. Makeup has always been a huge part of my life. I was in the modelling industry from a young age and constantly surrounded by MUA's and super talented people.

TCL: What is NICMAC Beauty's philosophy as a brand?

NM: My main goal was to create a brand that cares. That cares about the environment, the animals, the quality, the ingredients and most importantly YOU.

TCL: How do you picture NICMAC Beauty's future and what are your next steps?

NM: I would love to continue to see NICMAC Beauty growing organically. Bringing the product to customers and gaining more brand recognition through pop up stalls is something I have lined up and am very excited about. I also want to build on the product range. My main focus however is quality over quantity. Making sure the products I put out there are organic, luxurious, high quality and fit with the values of the brand which focuses on using sustainable and clean products.