In the world of Art, we know many types of Artists. Some more conservative complying with the theory of color and linear strokes, others more unique. Maxó is one of them. His art philosophy is nothing more than living from his hobby and enjoying art, by seeing it as a game, as a child, as an artist who breaks the rules.

We are in one of the most tourist neighborhoods of Barcelona where Maxó has one of its three galleries. Illuminated art galleries surrounded by eccentric paintings and abstract objectives. His studio has more than thousands of pieces of art that he distributes through the galleries evenly. His story begins at his parents' house in Cordoba, province of Argentina, and continues in Barcelona where he began marketing to reach his main goal, live off his hobby. Spending the most of his time painting, Maxó put the gallery as a studio. He realized that through exposing his art through other galleries it was not what he wanted because his end was not part of an "art gallery" since he considers that the term ART GALLERY is overrated, he simply wanted to create a spontaneous purchase and that people really could buy for interest and a feeling of affinity to the painting.

Its evolution goes with the time. The variation is wide and most of his paintings are inspirations of trips, people, places and any knowledge that he acquires at certain times. He likes to see people's reactions and through that he creates. Listening a lot to people's opinions in order to understand and that is how he created for and because of people.

This artist emphasizes that people do not need art to live. He considers himself ambitious, but is aware that he lives on something that he enjoys doing day by day. After ten years with the gallery, living from this and eating from this feels that it reached its maximum splendor.

This artist is faithful to the idea that the value of his paintings is not given by his own artist ego but rather by people, the reaction and what they feel when they see or buy one of his paintings.

He started with the assemblage, managing to create abstract objects and out of the ordinary. Departing from realism to create something from his knowledge, from the depths of his brain and the inspirations he was collecting throughout his history.
His works are created by technique that are searched by his curiosity. He does not have a master in art or a course on techniques, his curiosity and his ambition, he managed to make his soul speak for himself, transmitting in his works colors and figures that communicate by himself, an artist with a lot of value.

He can compare his paintings with love relationships, from monotony and spaces: "The ways people can see each other through their eyes sometimes say more than from the speaking langue. Imagine in a relationship not having to talk. It would be perfect."

He does not use his emotions. He does not believe in the bohemian artist who expresses his emotions as much as sadness or melancholy, he believes in showing his greatest virtue that has high vibration. Let's call it happiness. He knows that few people buy "sad" things and he is aware that he wants to live from what he does, so he creates things that people want to hang in their homes, paintings that inspire, that motivate.

It is one of those artists that although they have a bad day they do not express what they feel in their day-to-day work. It is extracted from his personal life to work on his material and focusing on the only thing that interests him in this area: live off it
Maxó is an artist who seeks to show his ideas at the moment, which inspires him at that moment. He does not have an exact inspiration simply is what he is in the present moment. And it was that way since its inception.

He is currently with the children's painting. After a trip to Istanbul he realized that there are much simpler techniques that can achieve an art beyond normal or everyday, beyond what we are seeing today. When we talk about this artist, we talk about an artist who seeks to differentiate himself from the rest by moving away from what we call fashion today, or what is established and that people consume only because it is a simple trend of the moment. Without thinking about what they see in other galleries or that other artists perform, Maxó wants people to find a simple sense through different techniques.

He does not recognize error as frustration, it is more. The greatest inspiration of his paintings is error. He does not seek to justify his work, Understand that being an artist is a profession and a job, but it is one of those that does not seek to paint to be perfect, seeks to paint as a hobby for fun, to create through its most primitive instinct that is imagination.

If you look at a Maxó, or if you buy a Maxó, you will not buy only a painting or a piece of art you will be buying an experience.

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