Every girl dreams of wearing the perfect, fairy tale Bridal Dress at her wedding with the love of their life. To feel Magic and more, Laura Riera designs wedding dress dreams into reality. Young, creative and above all transgressed. Laura Riera is a couture designer who focuses all her creativity on special nights such as weddings. She studied and graduated from IED Barcelona. Lover of the traditional but exotic ideas, Laura dedicated her career into creating pieces that were not only wedding dresses but were also kind of unique experiences for every woman who would use them..


After the year 2017, Laura started working for Rosa Clará, one of the most prestigious brands in Spain. She knew that this was one of the largest companies in her own country, but after some months working hard at this brand, this young designer was feeling limited in terms of expressing her creativity.

She knew that her ideas were freer, more rebellious and above very different of what traditional bridal brands are use to communicate.  With a personality as strong as hers, in 2018, Laura managed to participate in the Bridal Fashion Week as a new talent. It was no surprise that her dresses were one of the highlights within in the catwalk, since when you see any Laura Riera dress, you recognize the fabric, color and especially the metrologies that make a bride more exotic than any other bride.
The bridal fashion week was her door to turn a small brand into a company. With a team of seamstresses, whom Laura considers as inspiration and motivation at the memento of creation, this brand became one of the most transgressive and exotic houses within the bridal world. With a fully personalized and detailed attention, Laura attends to all her clients in her incredible studio in the Example neighborhood. Laura Riera's showroom is located in one of the most historical building designed by Jujol, a Gaudi apprentice.

It is no coincidence that this brand is located in this place since both, the building and the clothes you find here, are from the visionary and futuristic world that encompasses modern art. 
This three-year logo artist developed a brand that broke with many traditional bridal structures. With her collections, Motor Maid and Sand Storm, Laura reflects how important the concept of her collections is and how it reinforces that idea through biodegradable fabrics and skins for food consumption.

"My brand is aimed at women who are tired of the typical dresses to wear on their wedding nights"

This is how Laura defines her clients, free women, with a very decisive position of what they want, aggressive but fancy with a lot of personality. These women look for unstructured pieces, with details and especially something that is totally different and out of the ordinary, and with these words we perfectly describe Laura Riera's pieces.
Today, in 2020, the Laura Riera brand offers not only wedding dresses but also encompasses everything a woman may need for a special night.

As a good creative, Laura listens to all the needs that a woman can have for a special event, from shoes, jewelry, accessories as layers, and I create absolutely everything so that on a night as such, a bride is fully dressed and advised with herself.

Today the brand has a line of shoes, jewelry, and wedding dresses, party dresses, and dresses for little girls. It's amazing what this designer managed to create all the ideas she has in her mind. Inside her head, everything is possible and everything can be created. She does not consider that there are limits when talking about design and, above all, she is not afraid to face the total destruction of traditional fashion.