Having grown up in rural Illinois with creative parents, Jesse Kamm’s collections take influence from her lifestyle. Beginning by taking a sewing class and making clothes for herself, when she realised that making clothing was a career path that she could potentially take, she took the opportunity. Although she spends 9 months of the year working in Los Angeles, it’s when she returns to Panama for 3 months that her creativity really comes out and her designs flourish. Working and making her pieces in Los Angeles is such an important part of her process as she believes it’s important to support her own community.

Her most recent collection for SS18 entitled ‘Farm, Field + Range’ uses sturdy and durable materials, such as linen, to make sure that her pieces are long-lasting and a great investment for her customers, as well as embodying everything that she represents as a designer. Her passion for representing her background and lifestyle comes through not only through her clothing but her website as well. A key aspect of her site is her ‘Journal’ page in which she has written essays about some of her life experiences, really allowing a connection between customer and designer. What is so unique about Jesse is that she handles everything to do with the press and sales of her clothing herself, without any assistance, meaning that supporting her designs really does mean that you are choosing to support a true, independent business owner.