Isa Arfen was founded in 2012 by Serafina Sama. She was born in London but raised in Italy - her brand is inspired by strong women with eccentric style.

As you maybe guessed it Isa Arfen is an anagram for Serafina, and funnily enough her grandmother was named Isa. She grew up in Ravenna, Italy and went on to study fashion at London's Central Saint Martins. After this, she worked as a design assistant for two years for the label french label Chloé in Paris.

The Business of Fashion magazine described her designs as "Her clothes make you look twice not because they are subversive, bleeding-edge or technically complex, but because they are supremely wearable, youthfully elegant, and appealingly simple." it's high fashion at its best, the clothes are still playful and eclectic. Indeed, it will give you this European style with a touch of spontaneity. Her clothes are attractively simple and wearable. 

You can see the Italian inspiration in her clothes - from the colours to the materials. Sama is mixing extravagant shape with different patterns and fabrics. The English inspiration can also be seen, by the eccentricity but also the sophistication of the designs. Isa Arfen is the perfect mixture between the extravagance of Italy and elegance of Britain.

Obviously, when a brand is successful, A-listers can't stop wearing it. Isa Arfen pieces have been worn by the likes of Rihanna, Dakota Johnson, Sienna Miller, Emma Watson.

We can't wait to see what Sama will do next.