Taking inspiration from Latin America and all of its exquisite culture, this timeless brand for men has expanded from Argentina to Barcelona after 8 years of growth in its native land.
Domingo es Domingo can be described in three words:
Vision - Design - Function

The brand focuses on designs based around basic forms and styles, such as jogging pants, but with the must-have feature of the brand added to it: clashing colours and patterns. This combination manages to transform the ordinary in the extraordinary so successfully. With stand-out pieces such as velvet jogging pants, that feature their signature style of braided cord,  Domingo es Domingo has a strong design connection to the seven colours’s hill of Jujuy, Argentina.


Crazy? Yes! But this is the energy that drives the brand; The key to success? The innovative spirit. The client of Domingo chooses it for being out of any trend in the fashion world, talking into account all the collections we can notice a varied mix of fabrics, prints, colours, cuts, and designs all together: Peruvian pima cotton, unusual texture as embroidery and the stamp that so characterises this brand: checked trousers with floral lined, ponchos with mapuche guards and pilots patent leather with hood.

"The idea is that the client can travel as far as the design by using the clothes" Agustina Alvez, owner of the brand. 

Today Domingo es Domingo is chosen by great bands of Argentina and makes capsule collections for brands outside their field, such as Campari. The variety of styles are not only seen in the garments but also in the philosophy and lifestyle of the brand. Multifaceted, hyperactive and dynamic, Domingo is now preparing its next collection. However, this time it is for women. Without leaving the ideology, SATURDAY is created! A special line for the female team that are looking for clothes that can be adapted to any occasion.

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