Four Cities, Enhanced by, Four Jewellers


Istanbul, London, Bucharest, and Hong Kong, what do they all have in common?  Four skilful jewellers reside there, producing superb one of a kind jewellery pieces to discerning shoppers across the globe. To find out what motivates and defines each Designer Women’s Jewellery Brand, READ ON!



In 2017, the minimalistic, Kloto, was born, This Istanbul based jewellery brand’s inspiration comes from the universe, art, geometry, and Sufism (a spiritual convention of Islam).

Founder and designer, Senem Gençoğlu, comes from a family whose heritage is situated within the ancient Grand Bazaar jewellery industry. Every season, she never fails to provide superb modernistic silver and silver plated with gold pieces.

Kloto’s unique collections are based upon innovative and unique concept and ideas, such as atoms in ION, or in MOD, where she continues the focus on atoms yet looks more specifically at the relationship within molecular bonds.

So, if you understand your style to be minimalist, then adorn yourself with Kloto!





Tiana Jewel

Based in London, this bohemian holistic jewellery brand uses natural gemstones and crystals, ethically sourced in Brazil, to provide unforgettable statement pieces.

Not only is their crystal jewellery delightful on the eye but they also have spiritual healing benefits, as they help to release the flow of chi and enable your body and soul to flow freely. Each crystal is individually handpicked from the earth’s crater and offers specific healing characteristics.

Founder and designer, Tiana Shalom, has had over 10 years of experience within the jewellery making industry, making it her mission to design stunning pieces which inject beauty and happiness into its wearers’ world.

So, if you would like to tune into your vibrations and boost your energy whilst looking glorious in the process, then, Tiana Jewel is the brand for you!






Situated in Romania’s capital, Bucharest, is this contemporary jewellery brand, Moogu, which believes: “The jewellery we wear reflects an important part of our personality and our identity…” This philosophy prompts its designers to dextrously create precious metal pieces which evoke a one of a kind visual experience.

Nature, geometry and expressionism are the key influences to this label. Andreea Mogoșanu established the brand, in 2013, with the goal to create distinct, organic, and eternal pieces which generate an expression towards the human heart and evoke rare unique emotions.

Their “Animal Soul” collection thrives from its uniqueness, with necklaces and chunky rings featuring an antelope head, crow skull and a rabbit head! Yet at TCL, our favourite piece has to be their Nipple Necklace, from the Re: Red collection, as it’s daringly delightful!

So, if you are a fan of Nordic design and want big bold timeless pieces, look no further!







In 2010, Farra began their story. Providing women with high-end modern jewellery pieces, which incorporates semi-precious gemstones, corals, as well as, natural freshwater and baroque pearls.

This Hong Kong located brand is inspired by love, happiness, and nature. Founder, Donna Liu, believes: “Jewelry is beautiful treasure to human”, so therefore, never fails to disappoint in providing its wearers with unique luxury fashion jewellery pieces EVERY SEASON!

Donna’s passion and enthusiasm on stylized product design was cultivated during her university education, as her artistic standards and expectations were enhanced from her Bachelor’s degree in Art from Tsinghua University and Master’s degree in Product Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The label’s success is undeniable, as they have hundreds of boutiques globally to showcase their timeless mesmerising pieces, including: statement earrings, bracelets and necklaces. So if gorgeous pieces is what your wardrobe craves, then dress yourself with Farra.