The summer season is approaching, and with it comes festivals and… festival fashion. Getting together the perfect festival wardrobe can be difficult to do because, particularly in the UK, the weather can be a bit hit and miss. So, you never know whether the glorious sun will shine or the slightly more likely grey and gloom with cloud over you instead. Either way, if you want to create stand out looks for either climates: it’s all about how you accessorize. Think scarves, sunglasses and bling!


Dolly Boucoyannis

Born in Athens, Greece, Boucoyannis studied Jewellery Design, Gemology and Goldsmithing before returning to Athens where she now runs her own workshop and store. Her work explores traditional Greek elements along with inspiration from her travels, in order to create a unique set of artistic pieces. Everything is handmade with Boucoyannis stating that she aspires to create personalised jewellery with no expiration date. 




Beginning in 2012 as a hobby, Nicholas Gikkas (founder of Uglybell) started by colour treating sunglasses and, what was originally more experimental and fun, quickly turned into a key part of his life. Moving on from colour treating the glasses, Gikkas began to create hand-painted pieces instead, which is now the main focus of Uglybell’s products. Produced in the workshop in Athens, all pieces have an individual design as they are made by hand and so can be adjusted and redesigned into unique pieces.





Formed in 2016, emerging new brand Sartorial was created by fashion management and journalism graduates Elena Zografou and Visiliki Sagaraki. Taking inspiration from their love for their home country and Greek tradition and materials, Sartorial explores colour and imagery from civilizations around the world and prints them onto their scarf designs.

A key trend for the Spring/Summer, the scarf is not only a great way to brighten up your bags, belts and of course your neck but also a new trend for accessorising your hair. Making them the perfect essential for your day-three festival hair that needs a bit more life to it!