Esaú Yori Deconstructs Masculine Garments into Feminine Silhouettes

For some time now, fashion has changed. The role of women is being empowered little by little and big brands have realised that the most important thing today is the message they share in their collection regarding people, society and culture. Esaú Yori is one of the artists who represents the most this new fashion identity.

A Latin designer conquering Europe. Esaú Yori is a Peruvian artist who has moved to Barcelona at the age of seventeen to study. A visionary who has come to the world of fashion to break with feminine structures and achieve gender-free silhouettes; with a strong air of empowerment. His career as a designer began long before he established himself as such. The first steps led him to face the musical world and the seamstress thus began to develop a creative process based on emotions, innovation and creativity.

His way of seeing clothing led him to become the director of the MBA in Art Direction in Fashion at FDMODA and academic director of IDEP Barcelona. His multifaceted personality has made him live different experiences - ultimately taking him to the great catwalks - from Tokyo to Shanghai Fashion Week. 

His latest collection - "Uninvited" - was presented at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week 2020; showing his latest creations on a high-design catwalk. The collection was a great summary of his identity as a designer, featuring asymmetric and symmetric lines, architectural influences and Asian energies.

Since the inception of the brand, it has only had one purpose - to dress women by the creation of sensations through garments. How? By using only extraordinary fabrics such as English wool, Chinese silk, Mongolian cashmere, Italian nappa and high-quality leather. All the pieces surround the female body; achieving an experience through clothing. 

"Fashion does not end only in clothing" 

Fashion has taken a different course since independent designers have begun to convey strong messages through their collections. In the case of Yori, he deconstructed the masculine codes in his garments. He managed to unify the masculine and feminine sides in women, giving strength to the idea of breaking with gender in fashion.

"Making mistakes leads you to live extraordinary experiences; they discover you"

Yori’s garments remind us of certain pieces of Dior - wide shoulders, tight waists, large pieces and a great balance in colours. Thus, we understand his clean and fine-tuned vision regarding fashion.

With his main headquarters in Shanghai and Barcelona, Yori aspires to step onto the catwalks of Paris and Milan. We are eager to see how he will surprise us.