Emiliano Santapaola opened up the doors of Chicle Mag


Emiliano Santapaola opened up the doors of Chicle Mag, a magazine that not only fulfils the function of selling trends but also is a source of information for all those interested in the world of fashion. Modern, simple and urban, Chicle Mag is considered one of the most sophisticated magazines in Argentina. Showcasing the latest urban trends through the use of high quality imagery, this magazine offers us an artistic world that goes beyond the established fashions, breaks down the structures of society and allows us to open our minds towards a new vision of art.

Created by photographer and teacher, Emiliano Santapaola a few years ago, Chicle Mag began with the idea of building a space for his students. The initial idea was to design an online magazine where each of his students could exhibit their more finalised and professional pieces. His objective was not to start a magazine but to simply create a space for talented people to have a place to exhibit and show their work as artists. Over the months this project took shape and the magazine began to develop. With a team that works everyday to put together and run the magazine; including sections about art, fashion and music, the magazine began to take off, and what started as a digital magazine then found its way towards the physical.

The identity of this magazine has evolved over time. What began as a project ended up being one of the leading magazines in their country. The Chicle Mag team dedicates a lot of time and work to their search for identity, as well as transmitting the philosophy of the magazine. From the colours to the type of pages that make up the magazine, everything is carefully thought out.

Today Chicle Mag is a magazine that is chosen by fashion buffs and professionals who are dedicated to the creation of visual pieces. Acting as a huge source of information and inspiration, Chicle Mag is highly thought of by a huge array of viewers, from producers to photographers. Despite this, however, the magazine is low-profile in its promotion methods - most of which is done through social networking and word-of-mouth. 

"There is no roof for us, but we want to respect and polish every stage that we have to live, we do not want to skip anything" Emiliano Santapaola


Chicle Mag’s readers are those who seek to be constantly informed about any cultural movement. From music events to fashion weeks, this magazine fulfils the goal of not only communicating trends and fashion, but also a free and innovative lifestyle. Santapaola is dedicated to the magazine and Chicle Mag's team are constantly in a search of boldness and contemporary. Chicle Mag is not going to sell you the typical trend that you will see anywhere, their focus is on individual personality and creative trends that reflect that!

With many future plans, this magazine promises a radical change in fashion communication. Undoubtedly, it is a new vision of style for their country and we must not fail to highlight the new projects that promise a transformation in the world of Argentine fashion.

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