Freedom, good vibes, and relaxation sum up the energy of this place. You can't help but dive into this haven of fabrics and sewing machines as it's the ideal spot to bring all of those creative ideas to life. 
With good company, a little coffee, and help in case you don't know where to go, El Club De la Tela is a specialised co-working environment for all those in love with fashion.
During its early beginnings in 2001, this space already showed itself to be unique. With the intention of ​​helping design students who had to buy fabrics for their studies,Lucas Laniado developed this project with fashion creators of the future in mind. 
Lucas had always known that creativity would play a big part in his life, and as time passed, his journey began to change direction. As a visionary, he discovered how important it was to connect with professionals, students, and entrepreneurs. But up until then, the idea of ​​co-working was completely novel to the fashion-lovers of Argentina. 
 Little by little, with the help of his right-hand man Euke Laburu, Lucas began to transform the place into a hub of creation and fashion, even including courses in sewing and Photoshop to further enhance the space's creative offerings. And so, piece by piece, El Club De la Tela became a work of art in itself. 
Bringing in imported fabrics and Singer sewing machines, Lucas and Euke continued to invest in the project and extend its horizons. What had started as a haberdashery evolved into a community of fashion lovers, amply equipped in their new co-working bubble of inspiration. 
As El Club De la Tela increased its offerings, more and more people were inspired to join the team behind this hive of activity. The team grew until it became what is is today: a varied group of professionals all contributing to this project in their own individual ways. 
From dressmakers and teachers, to community managers and sales people, everybody came together to shape this space, making it a home for fashionistas and their work. Surrounded by professionals prepared to help, advise, and motivate, artists and their projects flourished.
Following this popularity, El Club De la Tela saw a way to further expand their niche project. They decided not only to offer space to learn and develop, but also a platform for designers to sell what they had created.
The club's living room is a sea of exotic fabrics, with a bar at the back serving cocktails to the sound of music coming out of an old record player. This is the atmosphere that Lucas and Euke have crafted, focusing on fashion as a mediator of exchange, transformation, and celebration.
And so this simple room blossomed into a multi-purpose space dedicated to fashion. Today the club seeks to engage budding designers wanting to grow into the field of fashion. With its array of professionally-prepared services and guides, each individual process of every project is completed to perfection. 
To those with a passion for clothing, this hipster haberdashery offers every tool you could possible need, from fabrics and patterns, to the packaging to sell your product. You might just go in to soak up the atmosphere, not even striving to set up your own brand. Whatever your intentions on entering El Club de la Tela, the specialised knowledge between these four walls means that whatever you're doing, you'll be doing it to the highest quality, whilst developing your skills along the way.
This club is brimming with future talent looking to break onto the fashion scene, but don't let that intimidate you. Many of those working together at the Club started by taking courses run by the project and have now developed the knowledge to start their own brands. This club is a community of artists who not only work together, but also seek to learn from one another.
No matter what your passion is, whether its design, or publicity and communication, you can be part of this co-working community and work towards your own goals in an inspiring place full of like-minded people who will help you to grow and flourish.