DORAWYN - Conceptual Clothing Brand. Based in Budapest, Hungary.

 Who is behind this brand, Please tell us more about yourself and the Brand Story?

My name is Dóra Wyn Tesényi, a hunagrian born designer. I founded DORAWYN in 2012 to call upon women to join together in an imaginary tribe by wearing DORAWYN's unique pieces.

The brand is built around a vision: Imagine a mood after the apocalypse, when everyone is fighting for survival. However, the re-starters perceive, that they only have future on planet Earth, if they will live in harmony with nature. Each of the collections carry this hypothetical vision of the future, hoping that the message reaches us in time so together we could make change happen before it's too late.


 What inspired you to start this journey? What makes your brand stand out?

My vision was to create a whole world with my designs that transmits my thoughts about environmental questions and emotions as well. The specialty of the pieces lies primarily in innovative cutlines and besides, everything is hand-dyed and knitted by us on a vintage knitmachine from recycled cotton yarn. Each collection is released in limited editions.


What is your biggest achievement so far, your best work?

A dream came true when The British Vogue reached out for clothes for a photoshooting. Unfortunately the stylist didn't use my pieces, but it was something really phenomenal. Being noticed makes it all worth doing. I have a really strong message to transmit, and it always makes my heart sing when people listen to my voice.

Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

I really want to participate in a fashion week. I'm already getting so many requests to join, every season from Milan and Vancouver, but keeping up with the rythm of the industry with such a small brand is impossible yet.



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