Decades of fashion - which one suits you the best?

As a reflection of its times, fashion effectively represents generally accepted norms and values. However, as we leave each decade in the past, we do not forget fashion that was trending at the time. And even though we are thankful for independent designers brave enough to change fashion through the times - we still enjoy a journey back in time.

Classic 1950s
Moda De La Maria independent designer '50s fashion trends
Whatever you are doing, you like to stay elegant. Does it describe you? If it does, you would probably get interested by '50s fashion. The era of Hollywood stars she pampered with a variety of clothes that remained classy regardless of situation. '50s fashion trends are ideal for organised women who like to be ready to face challenges with spotless red lipstick on! 

Pop Art '60s
Pietrasanta '60s inspired chunky necklaces

1960s were not afraid of bold colours, patterns or shapes. As befits a decade of Pop Art, '60s fashion trends were vivid, lively and unapologetic. In other words, they were perfect for people bursting with energy, initiative and out of the box thinking. Jewellery played a huge role in the fashion of those times. With many geometric, chunky shapes, '60s jewellery stands out from other decades.
'70s of patterns and comfort

Buy Laguna '70s inspired scarf
Buy '70s styled scarves and flare pants

While becoming more practical, mini skirts gave way to a variety of trousers and the colours were not forgotten, but they took on more smoky hues. '70s introduced us to a new hair accessory trend - scarves and flared pants (loved and hated at the same time by modern fashionistas). 1970s is a decade of a symbiosis of style and comfort - great for practical women who are always on the run.

Disco '80s
'80s inspired fashion trends are coming back
1980s knew no limits. A decade of glamor was characterised by everything - colours, cuts and, above all, mindset. The era of disco was absolutely loved among the open-minded, brave and easy-going young people. The bold character of the 80s is what made them unforgettable as an era of fashion and music. Today, even though modern fashion tuned down, we still enjoy a good '80s themed party. And this is who '80s fashion is the best for - party people! 

Subculture '90s
'90s grunge fashion designer inspirations
Subcultures were nothing new in 1990s, however, effectively marked their presence in the fashion of those times. Although ubiquitous grunge dominated, the trends known from '80s such as these connected to punk subculture stayed strong. One is for sure, 1990s were times of individuality expresses through a whole variety of styles. 

Shining '00s
Silk slip dresses 00s inspired fashion
2000s are still associated with   the love to anything  shining, silky,  satin, metallic, frosty - you name it. Perhaps all of us remember dresses worn with jeans  - that was a thing!  And who did not have a metallic handbag? This fashion has passed, but an amazing sentiment has remained and for that reason, '00s are often the favourite fashion decade of sentimental people. 

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