Cristina Jansen Buta - Founder of KOGAYON

KOGAYON  is an e-commerce shop and a jewelry design boutique based in Europe, founded by Cristina Jansen Buta. Its Jewelry collection is inspired by century-old Romanian traditions and symbols.

Cristina is in charge of this Exquisite brand with all the aspects of the business, from research, design, production, online and offline communication, distribution and sales.

This Exclusive feature gives us an insight into the journey of the fabulous designer's journey so far.

When and where did you first begin?

I started KOGAYON in 2013 together with my friend Loana Losif. The beginning of our venture began in Transylvania, the region in the heartland of Europe, where I was born and raised.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

 Transylvania is this secluded place of Count Dracula and its epic hillside castle, of witches that predicted the early deaths of locals, of fairies that performed ancient rituals and of curses that did strange things to area livestock. Our designs are inspired by all these stories of supernatural folklore, symbolism, and rituals that the region of Transylvania has to offer.

Describe your brand in 3words.

Wear. Love. Believe.

What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label?

The online communication channel has changed dramatically since we first started in 2013. KOGAYONis a niche brand. It appeals to a particular client and it fulfills a particular demand. Online, our clients must be able to find our brand before they buy it. This aspect is increasingly demanding because of the huge advertising and marketing clutter, increasing cost /click, mobile-first approach, regulations like GDPR. Online is under constant change and keeping up with its dynamics is for me the most difficult aspect.

Which part of the creative process do you enjoy most,and least?

The creative idea, that is the result of research, reflection, and brainstorming has to become in the end a desirable object, jewellery in our case. How you translate the creative idea into a tangible object, that has to be marketed afterward, is the part of the creative process that I enjoy most.

The creative process has constraints, no matter what you believe, and you have to take them into consideration.

Accepting constrains is part of the creative process that I enjoy least.

Do you have a mentor?

I am my own mentor. By finding the right frame of mind, setting realistic goals, and monitoring progress, I am my source of guidance and encouragement. I believe in small steps as long as there is progress.

How long did your latest collection take to create?

It takes us 6 to 8 months to design, produce, and market a collection.

What are your futures plans?

The region of Transylvania has a growing reputation in Europe and in the world and has started to become one of the top attractions in Europe. It is still virgin land, steeped in traditions and myths, waiting to be discovered. Through my collection of jewellery symbols, I aim to bring a piece of Transylvania to the European consumers and why not to the entire world.

Which pieces do you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

If you believe in the power of symbols than any of the jewellery charm pieces can be part of your wardrobe.

What attracted you to The Clothing Lounge?

The team behind The Clothing Lounge was the biggest attraction. Professional, ambitious and their extraordinary desire to support independent designers like us.


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