Creative Energy

Creative Energy, the Synergy Between Blissful Relaxation and Soft Skin

For many of us we associate candlelight with relaxation. That special moment where we take time out to pause and invest in ourselves. Thanks to Creative Energy Candles -this has been taken to another level. The wax from their 100% soybean candles can be used as a beneficial skin moisturiser. We sit down with Kara Sherritt (the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of this ingenious lotion candle brand) based in Columbia, South Carolina.

TCL: What's the story behind the brand and where did it all begin? 

KS: I began making candles in my kitchen as a hobby after the marketing firm I was working for closed. I’ve always loved playing with candle wax and wanted to create a candle that was beneficial for my skin too. I researched the best natural ingredients and finally came up with a formula that I was really pleased with. After receiving a lot of compliments on my candles and also some encouragement from friends and family; I started selling my candles to high end boutiques and day spas around the Southeast. Thus, Creative Energy Candles was born.

TCL: Where did the inspiration for the brand name come from?

KS: Having a career in creative design, I thought the name Creative Energy was appropriate. As the Creative Director of Creative Energy Candles - I put all of my “creative energy” into the business.

TCL: What have been some of your top company highlights so far?

KS: My top highlight was when actress Marlo Thomas discovered my candles and promoted it as her favourite candle on the front page of AOL for Valentines Day (circa 2010). Getting into Whole Foods would be my second top moment. That was my first big corporate account - which was a huge moment! My third would have to be having our gift sets featured on Entertainment Tonight in 2018.

TCL: Was it a challenging creating a candle which doubles as a moisturiser in terms of wax?

KS: Not really. I did a lot of research on which natural ingredients were the best for your skin and then played around with the ratios. The hardest part was finding the right ratios where the lotion wasn’t too greasy and absorbed well into the skin.

TCL: What benefits do your lotion candles offer to your skin?

KS: We use premium ingredients - including 100% soybean wax and certified organic extra virgin coconut oil. Soy wax by itself is a natural moisturiser; but we add the coconut oil to make it extra nourishing. 

Coconut oil has natural anti-aging properties, antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory properties. Our candles also have vitamins A, E and K; providing essential minerals and antioxidant properties to the skin. All of these earthbound properties play a major role in protecting our skin’s elasticity - while also helping us achieve an overall balance of healthy skin.

TCL: Do you feel in the current climate candles are more important than ever?

KS: Self care is so important during stressful times - like those we are currently experiencing. So many people - myself included - have suffered from depression at some point and I would love to help remove the stigma surrounding mental health care in our country. 


TCL: In your opinion, what are the most popular fragrances people look for in a candle?

KS: I have found that many of our customers love a clean, fresh smelling candle. This is why our Citrus Basil & Wild Mint is one of our best sellers.

TCL : Are there different candles for different skin types?

We use high-quality, all natural ingredients. Making our candles suitable for all skin types.

TCL: What is the average burning time for your candles?

KS: Our large 10 oz candle burns for up to 82 hours (depending on if/how often you use the lotion).

TCL: Where is your favourite place to burn a candle?

KS: Hands down, straight out of the bath. Then afterwards, I can use the wax as a moisturiser.

TCL: What does the future hold?

KS: Right now, we are focusing on getting our candles into (and on) as many customers hands as possible. We are also working on formulating a CBD lotion candle - which we are really excited about!

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