Chifundo: Jewellery Inspired By Africa

There are countless independent jewellery brands out there, and it can be hard for designers to find their niche and carve a place for themselves in the very competitive and oversaturated independent jewellery market. Chiku, the founder of Chifundo, drew inspiration from Africa and created a collection of African jewellery made in the UK inspired by African women leaders. We had a chat with her to find out more about Chifundo and the story behind the brand.

TCL: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Chiku and I am the founder of Chifundo. Chifundo is a jewellery brand inspired by Africa. Each piece is inspired and named after an African woman changing the continent.

TCL: How did you come up with the idea for it, and why?

Chifundo was created because there is a lack of representation within the jewellery market. The majority of brands I've seen are Eurocentric and don't show a variety of women. I want every woman to feel seen and valued when they wear our pieces. Our focus is always on making our customers feel special.

TCL: What is your professional background?

I've just graduated university with a degree in Accounting and Finance, so I know how to set up a good spreadsheet for finances. I don't have any formal qualification in jewellery, I just have a passion for it.

TCL: How is the jewellery made, what is the process and manufacturing?

The majority of our pieces are 18ct gold plated on stainless steel, with the products being manufactured in China. Our ultimate goal is to source all of our products from Africa directly. We are in the initial stages of creating links with suppliers in Africa. 

TCL: What is your philosophy as a brand?

Our philosophy is that everyone who wears Chifundo should feel seen, valued and confident.

TCL: How do you see the brand's future, and what are your next steps?

We are still in the initial stages, so our first goal is to have a successful launch at the start of October. We had a large increase in our social media over a week, so we would like to keep growing steadily on our various platforms. Our big dream would be to secure a spot on Vogue's jewellery page.